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Aiming incorrectly and a lack of clubface awareness.

One of my favorite lag putting drills is to set  up tees at 5,10,15 20,25,30, and 35 feet from the hole.  Then place a scoring rod two feet behind the hole.  The goal is to roll every putt past the front edge of the cup, but not to hit the scoring rod. Work your way from 5 feet to 35 feet.  If you come up short or hit the rod go back to the beginning and start over.


I think one of the greatest inventions that has helped golfers over the last few years is the camera phone/ Ipad and V1 app. It is so simple to take a quick video of your swing and load it into the software for analysis or to send to your pro.

Improve and develop motions in your swing that concentrate on club head speed and solid contact.

Once you’ve isolated your swing flaws, the best way to overcome them and develop new good motion, it to rehearse good motion in front of a mirror as frequently as possible.