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Shot Stix " The Teachers Pack "

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The Four Fundamentals of great ball striking.  Every great ball striker has built  these 4 simple checkpoints into their subconscious routine for great creativity in shotmaking.  Now you too can easily build these simple but sure fire fundamentals into your game,and be on your way to hitting the great shots. All four Shot Sticks can easily fit into your back pocket and can be used on the range, indoors or on the course when practicing.



Each Shot Stick has an easy to understand and colorful illustration with a description of the basic Four Fundamentals of a great setup, roll them over and you have  the Four Secrets to great shotmaking.

                                                Setup Fundamentals                                                                                   Secrets to Shotmaking


                                                Square Clubface                                                                                           Leading Edge

                                                Target Line                                                                                                     Start Line/End Line

                                                 Feet Parallel                                                                                                  Clubhead Path

                                                 Ball Position                                                                                                  Shaft Lean / Hand Position

Once you have mastered the basics of the setup for each shot, roll each one over to take your game to the next level and you can instantly visualize and understand the once difficult  concepts of inside and outside clubhead path, shaft lean, angle of attack, open and closed clubface, drawing and fading, controlling trajectory and hitting high and low shots.

Each stick is 8 ¼ in. in length and is fully laminated. The basic four come in a clear plastic tube that can also serve as a convenient holder of tees and ball markers. Also included is a full color instructional brochure that clearly defines the placement and use of each stick. An absolute must for the teacher and beginner.   

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